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Abuse and #MeToo

See the resources below for understanding, preventing, and responding to abuse in the church. To begin with, the following phrases should be avoided at all cost!

Resources for Addressing Abuse

Resources from GRACE: Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment

The Mend Project. Many resources, but particularly check out their "Tools for Pastors" on their Tools + Resources page.

History of Violence Checklist: an eye-opening list of behaviors that constitute abuse

Abuse Prevention

Healthy Boundaries videos (English only) and workbooks (English and Spanish). Many other resources are also available through this database of resources on gender-based violence.

What You in the Congregation Need to Know about Clergy Misconduct (English and Spanish).

How To Raise Strong Girls (and Boys!) in an Age of #MeToo by Jill M. Richardson

A Tale of Two Rapes: What Tamar and Bathsheba Teach Us About Power, Consent, and Sexual Violence by Erin Moniz

Understanding Sexual Abuse By a Church Leader or Caregiver by the Mennonite Central Committee

See also videos on our video page, such as:

  • Theology of Suffering

  • The Danger of Civility

  • Intersectionality

Some of our book recommendations will also provide best practices to recognize and avoid abuse.

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