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How To's

Whether you want to better recognize sexism or to put practices in place that promote balanced leadership, the articles below can help. Also check out our book recommendations.

How can we support women and build egalitarian environments?

Local Church Assessment of Women's Full Inclusion

Creating Discussion Spaces Where Women Are Heard by Jill M. Richardson

Raising Up Allies: A Standardized Pathway for Developing Men into Allies to Women by Rob Dixon

If you would rather listen to an audio version of this material, see Becoming an Ally: A Roadmap for Men Who Aspire to Advocate for Women.

How to Find a Church that Empowers Women by Ruth Martin

Would someone looking for such a church choose yours?

​​The Billy Graham Rule, or Why Men in Ministry Need to Meet with Women Roundup

Seventeen Resources on Women and Men in Mutual Leadership by Chris Morton

How to Become a Church that Welcomes Women Pastors by Jill M. Richardson


Learning from My Mistakes: Being Intentional about Practicing Egalitarianism by Charles M. Metcalf

9 Ridiculously Practical Ways for Male Leaders to Empower Female Leaders in the Church by J. R. Briggs

Caring for the Mothers in Our Midst: The Church’s Responsibility

8 Reasons to Stop Saying ‘Men’ When We Mean Everyone by Karl Vaters

Interrupting Sexism at Work: What Drives Men to Respond Directly or Do Nothing? (Report) by Negin Sattari, PhD , Emily Shaffer, PhD , Sarah DiMuccio, PhD , Dnika J. Travis, PhD

Plus a couple of suggestions from AWL:

Make your presenters list as diverse as you want your audience to be.

Let Women Ask the First Question in Q & A and Discussion Meetings:

How To's for Women in Ministry

Six Tips for Taking Center Stage by Jill M. Richardson

No Need to Downplay Your Leadership by Jill M. Richardson

"Tiara Syndrome" Do you have a tendency to put your head down, work hard, and hope someone will eventually notice and reward you with promotion? Some of us do, too! Here's what that is, and how to do something different.

See also videos on our video page, such as:

  • Everyday Sexism

Lead Stories and websites such as CBE International and The Junia Project will all have lots of help and support.

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