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Our next AWL (advocacy for FM women in leadership) is coming up on Thursday evening, April 27, 8-9pmET


We will meet to talk about telling our stories.

Now, we will not be telling our stories, except for the speakers. But the stories of our journeys into ordination and into leadership in the church are important. Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes points out that we need to have places where we can tell those stories without having to worry about someone else’s feelings, where we can simply and honestly feel our own.

So—think about your stories and the places you have and have not been able to tell them. What were the barriers? How is telling those stories important to you? Have other people tried to tell your story, and how has that gone? Have you tried to tell your story and what was the result?

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Anonymous posts on our blog are ways to let the FMC know about some of the injustices in our midst without threatening people's positions, careers, or futures.

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