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Podcasts and Websites

On this podcast, Steph Williams O'Brien and Jo Saxton discuss leadership issues such as burnout, breakthrough, and self-leadership. Check out this one on True Empowerment!

Marg does a fabulous job of digging into the Bible and making clear the behind-the-scenes academic discussions about the texts that are used to limit or support women.

On this website, Gail Wallace and Kate Wallace Nunneley provide resources on biblical equality, equipping women, and resourcing the church.

Drawing on two decades of research, Dr. Priscilla Pope-Levison focuses on Wesleyan/Holiness women evangelists in the early 20th century, including Emma Ray, an African American who preached in Seattle rescue missions alongside SPU students and went on to become a Free Methodist Conference Evangelist. This was the 2013 Walls Lecture in Wesleyan Theology at Seattle Pacific University.

CBE (Christians for Biblical Equality) is THE website for all things related to the equal partnership of women in the church and church teaching. With 400 audio files, over 2000 blog posts and magazine articles, close to 1000 academic articles, almost 300 book reviews, and 90 videos, not to mention courses, you should be able to find information on all aspects of this topic.

A quick reference page for various people and denominations who have a stated position on women's roles. Not exhaustive.

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Christy Mesaros-Winckles gives us the history of debates around women's roles in the FMC, and the women and men who fought them.

This website analyzes examples of apologies in contemporary culture and measures them against their standards for a good apology.

by Rob Dixon

If you would rather read a written version of this material, see Raising Up Allies: A Standardized Pathway for Developing Men into Allies to Women.

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