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Advocates for Free Methodist Women in Leadership (AWL) is a group of women leaders in the Free Methodist Church USA (FMCUSA) who are passionate about creating a culture of equality, opportunity, and safety for women in our churches.


We’re here to provide everyone in the FMCUSA with the resources to understand our theology and practice regarding the equality of women in the kingdom of God—in value, role, and function.

We’re also here to offer a safe space for women to tell their stories of church experience. This site is curated to assure those stories can be told with authenticity and without fear. We hope all can learn from your experiences.

You are welcome here whether you are well immersed in egalitarian ideas, desiring information on what the Free Methodist position regarding women is, or questioning what you think about that position. We pray you will find what you need in these pages.

Advocates for Women in Leadership Free Methodist Church (red dove/flame logo)


The vision of Advocates for FM Women in Leadership is to help lead the Free Methodist Church USA toward an egalitarian culture in its entirety, including marriage and ordination, theory and practice.


Our Mission is to be a healthy biblical community of Free Methodist leaders supporting one another and assisting the Free Methodist Church USA in understanding the societal distinctives of women in the US in order to fully recruit and empower women among our disciples, leaders, groups and churches.

Highlighted Resource:

The feminization of the church movement has argued that men in particular are leaving churches because churches and church practices have been feminized.

For a response to these assumptions, two articles and a book may be helpful.

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